We are consultants to Colorado’s Medical Cannabis Industry including dispensaries, medical professionals and patients.
Our extensive knowledge of Cannabinoidal medicinal effects in relation to patient symptoms insures that our consultations are successful in reaching each client’s specific goal. We can advise whether a specific strain or concentrate is suitable for CDPHE medical conditions, or simply what strains will to put you to sleep. We can also assist in providing information on obtaining a medical cannabis registry card.[/su_column]Littlefield’s also provides support to the recreational users of marijuana. We offer a wide range of products, consulting services, grow building designs and installation, pest control, rental equipment, Bud trimming for those who are harvesting, clone consulting and cloning equipment for those just beginning the process. Littlefield’s also specializes in custom, high volume design and installation of grow rooms (which are very popular in Colorado). Our designs incorporate the most energy efficient systems of lighting, ventilation and security in a discrete environment.